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What if your digital memories, didn’t have limits? What if you could rewatch the biggest events of your life from more than just your friend’s smartphone? With Advanced Aerial Productions, we give you the ability to experience your memories in ways you never imagined. Using a combination of drone technology and years of photography and videography experience, we can create works of art for your life or your business from any angle. From small weddings to full TV spots, Advanced Aerial Productions has the ability to make it unforgettable.

For more information, or to get a free quote, feel free to contact Advanced Aerial Productions at (561) 441-5319. We look forward to helping you with your special photo and video needs. FAA CERTIFIED Pilot Part 107 FTN-C11166600 and Fully insured 

    • Hotels
    • Resorts
    • Real Estate 

    • Music Videos
    • Reality TV
    • Sports Events

    • Agriculture Farming
    • Commercial Properties
    • Construction Sites



Don ‘The Octo-Don’ Gottlieb is a master in his field. Nowadays it seems that everyone has their own drone but if you ask you will find out pretty quickly that not all drones were made equally. Next time you need a drone, ask can they fly in twenty mile an hour winds. If they say ‘No’ that’s because you didn’t ask Don Gottlieb. If you ask how long they have been operating RC’s and they say a couple of years then you are asking the wrong guy. Don has been operating RC’s for almost 40 years.

The Octo-Don’s DJIS 1000 is an 8-motor rig with sate of the art stabilization and GPS. No-one has a better rig than this guy and no-one can fly nearly half as good as he can. He is the only outfit we will use. 

Damian Fitzsimmons



 I love what I do and am very passionate about getting that perfect  shot or video clip. 

Don Gottlieb

How it all Started

Have you ever attempted to fly a remote control helicopter? If you have, chances are you went straight into the wall, and the other wall, and the ceiling. Don, our drone pilot, trained on these complicated, hard to control automations. Starting with a simple $20 toy helicopter he picked up at a Cracker Barrel while on tour with his band, a hobby that would become a career was born. Now, that $20 toy helicopter is a  full collective pitch 700 size Mikado Extreme 12 cell heli. Match that with a camera man for LiNews Tonight in Long Island back in 1985 and his love for flying prop planes, turbine jets, and drones, and you have the perfect match for starting a new business, so Advanced Aerial Productions was born in 2014.

FAA  Certified part 107  ft. # c11166600 pending 






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